About Illuminating HOPE

Illuminating HOPE is a virtual gathering of butterflies, each one a message of love and honor and support. Seen as a whole, this display is a beacon of Hope to all who are grieving the death of a loved one.

Created and contributed from across the world, this garden of butterflies shows children that they are not alone—that they are cared about and supported in their grief.

Coming together, each butterfly is part of a powerful message of hope and transformation, and an image of the growth and change that can emerge out of life struggles.

From one butterfly to many, joining together in support and solidarity, Illuminating HOPE inspires, showing that hope is possible, especially for those who have experienced the loss of someone they love.

About the Highmark Caring Place

Children are deeply affected when a family member dies and can often feel alone and different. The Highmark Caring Place provides support to these children by bringing them together with others their age who have also experienced a loss.

The Caring Place, free of charge to all families, began in 1996, with four sites now across Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh, Erie, Harrisburg, and Warrendale.

About Children’s Grief Awareness Day

Created in 2008 by the Highmark Caring Place, this day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the painful impact that the death of a loved one has in the life of a child, and to make sure that these children receive the support they need.

People around the world participate every year on the third Thursday in November.